Instructional Design Process

ADDIE Graphic

ADDIE is a proven model for creating training.  ADDIE has five phases that are generally performed in order to ensure a successful training project.  The model is flexible enough that you can revisit phases throughout the project when necessary.  It is also a dynamic model because the last phase leads back to the first phase to form a complete cycle.  The five phases are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.  I use this model to create training because it provides my customers with an opportunity to check and approve the progress of the project several times before the final product is delivered. It also provides me with a system to follow to ensure my success in providing you with the best possible product for use with your learners.

Analysis Phase

During the analysis phase, I will ask you a series of questions to make sure that training is the best solution.  Sometimes it isn’t! Training can be used to address a performance issue, but many performance issues are not due to a lack of training.  Performance issues can be caused by many factors including personal issues, work environment, motivation, etc. and these things typically cannot be fixed with training.   Once we determine if training is a good solution, then I will do more analysis to ensure that it is the best training for your organization.  Together we will discuss the performance objectives that you have and learn what it is that you would like your learners to be able to do on the job.  I will also ask you questions about the learners in terms of demographics, level of work and educational experience, and your expectations for on the job performance.  A list of course goals and objectives that includes the required skills that will be taught in the training will be presented with an outline of the course.  This will provide you with the first opportunity to check the progression of the project.  Once you have approved the initial course outline and concept, I will begin the next phase, Design.

Design Phase

Think of the design phase as a blueprint for the training.  I will develop a storyboard with a clear plan of how everything in the course will be presented.  This will provide you with an opportunity to see how the course will look and feel and ensure that the style matches your corporate culture and is appropriate for your learners.  I will describe how the learning objectives will be met in terms of content, exercises, and assessments.  You will also see how the training will flow from beginning to end.  Once you have provided feedback and approved the storyboard, I will move to the next phase, Development.

Development Phase

In this phase I will develop your training in the format that we have chosen and approved.  I will build the content, exercises, assessments, and course navigation.  When I have finished, I will send you a draft so you can go through it and make sure everything works as planned.  You can also make changes and edits at this point as well as at any of the previous check points. Sometimes when you see something on the screen it becomes clear that it is not as necessary as originally thought or maybe more content is needed to clarify certain learning points.  When you are happy with the end result of the course, we move to the next phase, Implement.

Implement Phase

This is the phase where you share the course with your learners. I can create SCORM compliant training so you can upload it directly your Learning Management System (LMS) or I can upload it to the internet for your learners to access. If the training is in the classroom or a lab environment, you can being offering the courses to your learners in those formats and a guide for facilitators or instructors will be provided.

Evaluate Phase

In the evaluation phase we check and measure learner progress to see if their performance has improved according to the goals and objectives of the course.  Can they do what you wanted them to be able to do when they completed the course?  Sometimes this is something that you will do internally long after I finish the course as you collect data from the learners after they complete the training.  I can help you with this process by creating learning assessments.  I can even build course evaluations into the content.

If you would like more information about ADDIE, the links below provide more in depth descriptions of each phase.